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Clearwater Comic Con 3


Clearwater Main Library
100 N. Osceola Ave
Clearwater, FL 33755


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Clearwater Comic Con

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Clearwater Comic Con 2015



  • ★ Karl Moline (new Aquaman) -- Meet & Greet
  • ★ Chuck Dixon (Bane co-creator)-- Meet & Greet
  • ★ Fierce Comics -- Meet & Greet
  • ★ The Best of Doctor Who and What's to Come
  • ★ Charles Shorter/Kushiedameow (Emazing Studios) – Cosplay posing & getting the most out of your pictures
  • ★ Battlestar Galactica
  • ★ Bob Adelman (The Spirit)


Please leave potentially harmful costume weaponry at home in your lair.