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Business Guide Table of Contents

Business Guide - Marketing Information

Before establishing or relocating your business in Clearwater, it's helpful to be aware of a variety of community resources, as well as those available through the federal, state, and municipal government. The better you plan, the better your potential for success. This general reference guide will put you ahead of the game and put your business on its way to a successful future in Clearwater.

What type of business are you in? Is the market stable? Have you chosen the right location? Background research is fundamental when choosing your business address. The Clearwater Public Library System would be a good starting point; it stocks a wealth of information in branches throughout Clearwater. The reference sources listed below can be found at the Main Library.

Clearwater Public Library
Main location: 100 N. Osceola Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33755
Hours: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Monday-Thursday), 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Friday and Saturday)
Phone: (727) 462-6800, ext. 257

Other Branches
Beach: 483 Mandalay Avenue, 33767 -- (727) 462-6890
Countryside: 2471 State Road 580, 33761 -- (727) 669-1290
East: 2251 Drew Street, 33765 -- (727) 669-1280
North Greenwood: 1250 Palmetto Street -- (727) 462-6895

General Demographic Sources

(These sources are reference and available for in-library use only.)

City of Clearwater Demographic Notebook
Compiled from a variety of local publications.

Florida Statistical Abstract
Comprehensive collection of the latest social and economic statistics available.

St. Petersburg Times Demographic Research Information
Statistics on different markets in the Tampa Bay area.

U. S. Census on CD-ROM
Census information accessed by city, county, census tract and zip code.

Trademark Searches

State & National
Provided as a business service to clients.

Government Publications

Commerce Business Daily
Lists notices of government procurements and contract awards.

National Trade Data Bank on CD-ROM, includes information about exporting and international trade.
Ref-USA Database

Stat-USA Database

Business Directories

Contacts Influential Business Directory for Pinellas County
Marketing tool for the area searched by company, SIC code, classification heading, key individual section, telephone index or zip code.

Hill-Donnelly Cross Reference Directory for Clearwater
Will give you lists of neighborhoods or streets to focus on. The Location section gives you characteristics of a neighborhood and the affluence rating of the neighborhood in a scale format.

Small Business Information Finders & Bibliographies
Available at the Main Library.