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East Gateway District


On May 31, 2011 the CRA hired Gensler ( to develop a comprehensive and collaborative neighborhood vision plan that will address three main areas: 1) a Neighborhood Market/Economic Analysis that defines the economic base for market-supportable revitalization efforts; 2) Community Outreach and Stakeholder Involvement culminating in a Community Design Charrette that provides a strong, clear vision of the area and responds to current and future market opportunities; and 3) a Concept Plan and Policy Framework that identify specific implementation actions and tools needed to achieve the vision over a 20-year horizon.

The East Gateway District Vision Plan is expected to:

  • Deliver a workable strategy with supporting rationale;
  • Ensure that new development can be economically viable;
  • Build on previous and current plans, initiatives, and projects;
  • Maximize ultimate return on public investment;
  • Address community interests and concerns; and
  • Provide recommendations aimed to enhance the quality of life and standard of living

Final Vision Plan (32MB file)

Vision Plan Appendix (55MB file)

Final Presentation by Keith Greminger, Gensler

Brand Positioning presentation by Deanna Francl, Gensler

A special thank you goes out to AmeriCorps Clearwater for assisting with the distribution of the invitations to the community workshops

For more information on this exciting project, please contact Gabe Parra, Community Development Manager, at (727) 562-4047 or

Zone I illustration
Zone I
West Commercial Anchor

Zone II illustration
Zone II
Corridor Development

Zone III illustration
Zone III
Open Space

Zone IV illustration
Zone IV
Festival Core

Thumbnail of East Gateway District Map
East Gateway District Map

Thumbnail of Focus Group Plan from 8/16/11 meeting
Plan from 08/16 Focus Group Meeting

Thumbnail of East Gateway Vision Focus Group Meeting on 8/16/11
08/16 Focus Group meeting