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Training BureauRopes Training
1716 Belcher Road North
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Training Bureau Goals and Objectives


The goal of Clearwater Fire and Rescue Training Bureau is to support the City of Clearwater and the Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department in achieving their mission and vision. This is accomplished by offering training to enable the fire departmentís delivery of cost effective fire suppression, emergency medical services, and help support the high quality of life and experiences that the citizens of Clearwater enjoy. Furthermore, the Training Bureauís innovative programs extensively train firefighters to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the citizens and employees of the City of Clearwater.

The Training Bureau is dedicated to setting the standards of excellence and innovation in public safety.


  • To provide monthly company operations training to all fire department employees.

  • To facilitate and provide resources for monthly independent fire station standard evolution training.

  • To facilitate monthly emergency medical services (EMS) continuous medical education (CME) training.

  • To provide extrication, Technical Rescue Team, live fire, live vehicle fire, hazardous materials (HAZMAT), active shooter, and mass causality incidents training throughout the year.

  • To provide quarterly officer training for all chief officers and company officers.

  • To provide newly hired firefighters (recruits) orientation to the Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department through an eight week recruit school to ensure the smooth transition to the front line. After which, new probationary firefighters are provide monthly probationary training for a period of one year to guarantee continued success.

  • To provide a 40 hour leadership academy for those firefighters wishing to become officers. A few of the topics covered are: leadership, fire attack tactics, and building construction. The leadership academy is open to all fire departments in the surrounding area.

  • To provide an 80 hour Driver/Operator school for those firefighters wishing to promote to Driver/Operator. Firefighters will learn topics such as: engine operations, truck operations, hydraulics, pump operations, and apparatus maintenance.

  • To provide specialized schools to train future apparatus drivers, such as engine, platform, tiller, and heavy rescue company classes.

  • To provide a Citizenís CPR Program where the citizens of the City of Clearwater are trained in the life saving skill of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

  • To host a county and regional annual Firefighter Safety Seminar opened to all firefighters from the surrounding communities.

  • To act as a training resource for other local fire and public safety agencies.

  • To host and provide Blue Card Incident Command classes for those company officers wishing to move into command positions. Classes are open to all fire departments in the surrounding area. Clearwater Fire and Rescue is one of three Blue Card training facilities in the State of Florida.
Officer Development Class Blue Card Training

Bureau Facts

Offices and Classrooms

In September of 2008, Clearwater Fire and Rescue finished construction of its new training center facilities. The training center was built on a five plus acre lot where the old training facilities were once located. The old training building was converted into offices for Assistant Chief of Training and three training lieutenants. This building also houses a library filled with a full spectrum of educational resources for firefighters to use.

Roof VentilationAdjacent to the training offices, a new 9,000 square foot building was added that is comprised of three classrooms, menís and womenís locker rooms, gear room, outside classroom/rehab area (lanai), and a gymnasium for firefighters.

In dedication to firefighters who lost their lives during the Charleston, South Carolina Sofa Super Store fire in 2007, Worcester, Massachusetts Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse fire in 1999, and the coordinated attacks on September 11, 2001, the three inside classrooms have been named the Charleston Room, Worchester Room, and 911 Room.

Additionally, this building was designed to withstand a category five hurricane and will serve as a secure back-up Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the City of Clearwater during hurricane and storm activation. Funding for this project was obtained through Penny for Pinellas.

Training Tower

Firefighter Bailout TrainingIn addition to the office and classroom facilities, a new 2,000 square foot training tower was erected on the west side of the property. The tower is five stories in height, contains three stairwells, standpipes, fire department connections (FDC), and a smoke production machine that produces non-toxic smoke with the capability of reducing visibility to almost zero. Within the building are two dedicated rooms for live fire training. During these training exercises, wood pallets and hay is burned to simulate actual structure fire incidents. Temperatures in the rooms can reach 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and visibility, with the assistance of the smoke machine, reaches zero. Training in this manner is invaluable to the firefighters, and serves to maintain a constant state of combat readiness for our firefighters. All live fire training is in strict accordance to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1403, Standards on Live Fire Evolutions.

Other features of the building include movable walls, hatches, ladders, trap doors, attic, and a shaft. All these features make it possible to change the dynamics of the tower and offer a unique training experience. And yet, allows for realistic fire training for high-rise, multi-family, single family, hotel and motel dwellings.

Additional Facilities

Live Vehicle FiresA new extrication pad was created. This gives firefighters the opportunity to hone skills used during vehicle crashes and entrapment of patients. Scrap cars are obtained through a local car recycling service and members use tools to cut the cars apart to simulate actual motor vehicle crashes and entrapment of patients. Tools used during these evolutions include the Hurst Spreaders and Cutters, Sawzalls, Paratech Struts, and Hurst Rams that push the dashboard away from the entrapped patient.

The extrication pad is also used for live vehicle fire exercises. Scrap cars are obtained, stripped down, fluids drained, and then filled with wood pallets, hay, and ignited. A primary goal of the Training Bureau is to create realistic training evolutions and this manner of training accomplishes this goal.

Citizen's CPR Program
Entanglement PropClearwater Fire and Rescue is proud to offer free Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes for the citizens of Clearwater. Classes are held the third Saturday of the month and are provided by a certified American Heart Association (AHA) instructor. The goal of the program is to train citizens of Clearwater to save lives of victims in cardiac arrest through early activation of the 911 system and high-quality CPR. This program prepares citizens to perform CPR and to be a critical link in the chain-of-survival. Those interested in attending the Citizenís CPR Program should contact:

Deborah Humes
(727) 562-4334 ext. 3048