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Referendum Vote 2013

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Make Your Mark and Vote!

A special City election will be held Nov. 5, 2013. Clearwater voters are being asked to consider one proposed Charter Amendment. Clearwater Marine Aquarium will reimburse the City for the cost of the special election.

The question to appear on the referendum ballot will be as follows:

Lease of City Hall Property and Abutting City Property to Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Shall the Clearwater City Charter be amended by
adding Section 2. 01(d) (8) to allow the City to negotiate
and enter into a lease with the Clearwater Marine
Aquarium, Inc. for the construction, operation and
maintenance of an aquarium on City owned property,
located west of Osceola Avenue, east of the unimproved
Pierce Boulevard right-of-way, north of Pierce Street and
south of Cleveland St., for a 60 year term all as described in
Ordinance 8418 -13?

Yes _____
No  _____

What a "Yes" vote means:

The City of Clearwater will be able to negotiate a lease with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for an initial term of 60 years for redevelopment of the property west of Osceola Avenue, east of the unimproved Pierce Boulevard right-of way, south of Cleveland Street, and north of Pierce Street. This site includes the current Clearwater City Hall. The compensation that the City will receive from the Aquarium will be determined by the City Council and may be less than fair market value. The Aquarium will be able to construct, operate and maintain a new aquarium on the property.

The new aquarium will be 250,000 square feet or less and may include: exhibit space including space for traveling exhibits; an animal hospital with surgical suite and medical laboratory; water quality laboratory; classrooms and community rooms; food and catering facilities; theaters; laundry facilities; retail/gift shop; administrative offices; video/film production facilities; mechanical space for things such as a chiller, boiler, power generation; chemical storage rooms for dry and liquid chemicals; life support equipment rooms for filters, pumps, ozonators, backwash recovery systems, water storage; saltwater pumping station; driveways, delivery, and loading and unloading zone, pick-up/drop-off zone; and drainage facilities; and other functions typically associated with an aquarium of similar size.

The City would grant necessary easements for driveways, utilities and salt water intake and discharge as permitted by the appropriate agencies. The City would relocate the existing tennis courts and City Hall to locations to be determined by the City Council.

If at any time prior to the start of construction of the new aquarium, Clearwater Marine Aquarium abandons the project or fails to meet material obligations under the lease, or if the City Council does not approve a lease on or before June 15, 2015, the exemptions contained in Section 2.01(d) (8) shall expire and have no further force and effect.

What a "No" vote means:

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium will not be able to negotiate and enter into a lease with the City of Clearwater, and the proposed new aquarium will not be constructed on the site west of Osceola Avenue, east of the unimproved Pierce Boulevard right-of way, south of Cleveland Street, and north or Pierce Street.

For a sample ballot, contact or stop by the Official Records & Legislative Services Department located on the second floor of City Hall at 112 South Osceola Ave. in downtown Clearwater. Their number is (727) 562-4093. To request an absentee ballot, call the Supervisor of Elections at (727) 464-6788. The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 7. The Supervisor of Elections website is