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I think people have always thought of the Department of Transportation as the department that builds roads and bridges. But you can do big things, and dream big dreams... You can think outside of the box.
- Ray LaHood

Image of transportationTransportation is a key sustainability issue in Clearwater and the Tampa Bay region. The ability to easily and affordably travel using multiple forms of transportation is essential to a healthy local economy. Transportation-related emissions are responsible for one-third of all greenhouse gases. Oil, the fossil fuel used to power most vehicles, is getting more difficult to extract from the Earth.

The way our communities are laid out, our reliance on personal vehicles, and a lack of transportation choices affect our quality of life and ability to be sustainable. Providing safe, convenient, and affordable transportation options for residents, workers, and visitors is an important component of Clearwater Greenprint. Having true transportation choice will rely on investments in complete streets for cars, buses, pedestrians and bicyclists and redeveloping places in our City in a way that makes these options viable.

Jobs to Housing Balance

Graph of trends in jobs and housingIn 2035, a little more than one-third of Clearwater residents are projected to work in the City. Most workers will commute to other employment destinations, such as Tampa or St. Petersburg. If the share of residents working in Clearwater were to increase to 50 percent, the average number of miles traveled to work by vehicle would decrease by nearly 15 percent or over 300,000 miles per day.

Graph of commute times
Source: U.S. Census 2000, American Community Survey 2006-2008

United States Department of Energy logo The Clearwater Greenprint is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Think Green logo

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