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Planning & Development
Municipal Services Building,
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Development Service Center: (727) 562-4567
Code Compliance: (727) 562-4720

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Planning and Development

The City of Clearwater is developing new zoning standards to create a thriving and prosperous corridor along the City’s seven-mile stretch of US 19 and its major cross-streets. As part of this project, the City is initiating a land use plan amendment and rezoning this year. As part of this project, the City has initiated a land use plan amendment and rezoning of properties that are in the City’s jurisdiction and in the areas shown on the maps below. Your property’s land use and zoning will not be changed if your property is outside the project boundary or is in unincorporated Pinellas County.

Land Use Plan Amendment (Ord. 8932-16)

Click here to see the Maps for the Future Land Use Map amendment (Referenced “Exhibit B”).

Click here to see the Staff Report for the Future Land Use Map amendment.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Ord. 8923-16)

Click here to see the Staff Report for the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Click here to see the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Updated)

Please contact Lauren Matzke, AICP, Long Range Planning Manager at 727-562-4547 or for additional information.

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Proposed New US 19 Corridor Zoning District

US 19 plan cover

Since late 2013, the Department has been working on updates to the City’s Community Development Code, including the creation of a new zoning district (US 19 Corridor District) with sub-districts for Regional Centers, Neighborhood Centers, and Corridor, as well as new design standards (“Development Standards”). The proposed Development Standards allow for a broader mix of employment-intensive and transit-supportive land uses such as light assembly and research and technology uses, implementing the City’s Economic Development Strategic Plan (2011).

The purpose and intent of the US 19 Corridor District is to guide the development and redevelopment of sites along the US 19 corridor consistent with strategies defined in the US 19 Corridor Redevelopment Plan. The standards are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Promote more employment-intensive and transit-supportive development
  • Establish mixed use destinations at major cross streets; and
  • Provide safe, attractive and accessible settings for working, living and shopping.

About the Proposed US 19 Corridor Zoning District Development Standards
Development within the US 19 Corridor District will be broken down by Subdistrict and will also be assigned a Street Frontage Type, as shown on the Frontage Map (link below).

  • Subdistricts: Regional Center, Neighborhood Center, and Corridor (In-Between Areas)
    • Determines Intensity of Development Allowed, Building Height, Uses, and Required Parking
  • Frontage Type (Regulating Plan): Types A through E (5 different frontage types)
    • Sets building placement, landscape and pedestrian improvements, parking and vehicular circulation, and front building facades and entries design.
  • Design Standards for Buildings & Sites

The Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code must be amended in order to add the new districts and provisions. Upon adoption of those amendments, staff will start to process the future land use plan amendments and rezonings of the parcels identified in the US 19 Frontage Map as the final phase of this project.

US 19 Corridor Zoning District Development Standards Documents

US 19 Clearwater Corridor Redevelopment Plan Documents

The US 19 Corridor Redevelopment Plan is a guiding document that summarizes the current context of the corridor and sets forth an implementable vision to strengthen the identity, design, mobility, and competitiveness of the corridor in the region. The strategies identified in the Plan fall primarily under the purview of the City but also state the need for coordination with area businesses and various governmental entities. The project was funded through the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program, and builds upon goals and strategies contained in Clearwater Greenprint.

The US 19 Corridor Redevelopment Plan won two regional awards from the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council in 2013, recognizing the importance of the Plan and its strategies in repositioning the US 19 Corridor in the City, as well as adding to the number and diversity of quality places in the Region.

For more information, please contact Lauren Matzke at the City of Clearwater: (727) 562-4547 or