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Q: What are the services/responsibilities of the Engineering?

A: The Engineering Department constructs, operates, maintains, engineers, manages and/or administers the City's streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, signs, parking garages, parking lots, bridges, docks, seawalls, wastewater treatment plants and provides engineering services to other City Departments to maintain stormwater, potable water, reuse water, sanitary sewers and other facilities. Department functions also include the regulation of public and private development and the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

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Q: A construction project is ongoing in my neighborhood. Who can tell me if this a City's project?

A: Contact Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 or visit the Municipal Services Building, 100 South Myrtle Ave. If the construction is a City project, you will be placed in contact with a City project representative for further information.

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Q: Can I place a fence or plantings within easements?

A: Yes. The construction of a fence will require a City Building Permit. Contact Planning & Development Services at (727) 562-4567, for more information. Plantings can be placed within the easement. The City should be consulted prior to the planting of trees in easements to prevent tree roots from damaging existing utilities. For information on what City utility (sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water, reuse or gas) may be in an easement contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750.
Note: Anything placed in the easement may need to be removed to maintain or install utilities.

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Q: Where is my property line in relationship to the street?

A: The location of property lines varies depending on what subdivision you are in. For an exact determination, you will have to obtain the services of a local Land Surveyor. In a neighborhood with sidewalks, a rough location of your property line is 1 ft. behind the sidewalk away from the street.

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Q: When was my property annexed into the City of Clearwater?

A: Contact the Engineering Department at (727) 562-4750 for information.

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