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"Get to the Point!" Neighborhood Watershed Maintenance Program

Image of a rain dropThroughout our City of Clearwater Neighborhood Districts, Stormwater Maintenance Operations is partnering with citizens to help improve the stormwater runoff quality from Point and Non-Point source pollution. What is a Point Source? Streets, inlets, pipes, ditches, ponds and silt boxes are just a few types of traceable point pollution sources, controlled though permits and enforcement. What is a Non-Point Source? Runoff from lawns, fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste, household chemicals, and yard debris are a few types of non-point sources of pollution.

The Point is: What we do everyday leads to the Bay. Our city's stormwater infrastructure requires regular maintenance and our citizen’s involvement helps to ensure our quality of life and to meet National Pollution Discharge Elimination System requirements. Do your part and help keep our watersheds free of debris for a Clean and Clearwater City.

What you can do in your
Neighborhood Watershed

Image of a small rain drop Maintaining good vegetative ground cover (grass, etc.) can help prevent soil and sediment from being washed into drains.
Image of a small rain drop Regular sweeping of areas can prevent materials from being washed into storm drains.
Image of a small rain drop Dispose of yard clippings, branches, etc., at the local landfill or bag them to be picked up for yard waste recycling, or place them in a composting bin.
Image of a small rain drop Cleaning up spills, rather than washing them into the street or catch basin with simple clean-up materials, paper towels, kitty litter, floor dry compounds and oil-absorbent pads

Just a few small changes around the house or office can reduce the amount of pollution into our waterways and help "Get to the Point" of point and non-point pollution sources. Please visit these information links and see what you can do to help in your Neighborhood Watershed!

(BMAP) Best Management Action Plan

The Neighborhood Watershed (Get to the Point Program) is being developed to help improve water quality from the effects of point & non-point pollution through customer education and enhanced stormwater best management practices.