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Q: Where can I look at the Federal Flood map for my property?

A: Visit Engineering Department in the Municipal Services Building, 100 S. Myrtle Ave. This map is prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is available for review at Engineering Department - Room #220. Specific questions regarding flood insurance provisions must be referred to FEMA or your insurance agent.

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Q: My house/foundation is cracking, what do I do?

A: If you are renting your home, contact the property owner and let them know that the home is damaged beyond what you would normally consider to be typical wear and tear and you believe it is caused by a sinkhole. Be sure to find out if the owner has property insurance and attempt to discover when the owner will contact their insurance company to investigate. Be sure to follow-up to make sure that a claim is made. If you are the owner of the property being damaged, you should immediately contact your insurance provider and report the damage as a claim. By state law, all insurance providers are obligated to provide sinkhole coverage. When a claim is made, they are also required by law to investigate the claim for sinkhole activity that may have caused the damage.

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Q: My insurance company has investigated my problem but has said the damage is not related to sinkhole damage; what do I do?

A: If you, as the property owner, dispute the results of your insurance company's investigation, you should either resolve your dispute through whatever dispute resolution process is available to you by your insurance company or by contacting your attorney.

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Q: Can someone from the City at least come look at my property to determine if it is safe to stay here until my insurance company can repair the damage?

A: The City can and does investigate the structural integrity of homes through our building officials at the request of the public. However, you should first consult a structural engineer to investigate and render an opinion about your home before you contact the City. Calling the City will prompt an investigation to determine if your home appears to be an unsafe structure. If the structure is determined to be unsafe, and possibly posing a danger to you, you will then be cited and will be responsible for timely repairs. If, after the City investigates your concerns, the home is deemed not unsafe, there is no further action. However, monitoring will be done to see if the problem worsens.

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Q: I don't have any insurance and cannot afford to repair my home. Is there anything I can do or are there any low interest loans available to me?

A: You may qualify for financial support and should call the Economic Development and Housing Department, at (727) 562-4220, to obtain an application for either "Rehab" or an application for down payment assistance, whichever is more appropriate to your situation.

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