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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Some branches/bushes are blocking the intersection at the corner of my street and you can't see traffic. Can they be trimmed?

A: Contact the Traffic Operations Division at (727) 562-4750 for further information and assistance.

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Q: Who can give me information on the posting of traffic signs in my neighborhood?

A: Contact the City Traffic Engineering Division at (727) 562-4747 for further information.

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Q: How is a sight obstruction handled at an intersection? Who do I call?

A: A letter is sent to the property owner asking them to remove or trim that obstruction, in the case of a plant within 15 days. City forces will remove or trim if the property owner does not comply.
To report such obstructions call (727)-562-4750 and ask for Traffic Operations.

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Q: How does a walk signal work?

A: The walk segment of the signal gives the pedestrian anywhere between four and ten seconds before crossing the street. When the walk segment expires the actual amount of time required to cross the street starts its countdown. This is symbolized by a flashing orange “don’t walk” or “hand” on newer models. The final indication is the solid “don’t walk” or “hand” that means just that. For further information or to report a suspected failure, call (727)-562-4750 and ask for the Traffic Operations.

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Q: Can I have children at play signs on my street?

A: That particular sign is not used, as it has no enforcement meaning. However in certain cases where there are an abundance of children, standard warning signs that read “Watch Children” can be deployed.

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Q: What can I do about speeding on my street?

A: The city will make sure that all the appropriate regulatory devices are in place. The residents can get a petition together requesting the deployment of multi way stop signs or other such traffic control. Contact Traffic Operations for other information.

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Q: Can the timing of a traffic signal be changed?

A: Yes it can, after staff in the signal system section investigates to determine if there is a need for updating the timing plan. Here again call (727)-562-4750 and ask for Traffic Operations.

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