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Expected Road Closures

The dates and limits of construction are subject to change due to the nature of the construction work.

  Street Location Responsible
Start Finish Type of Detour Detour Route Reason
1 Betty Lane At Pierce St. City 8/26/2014 8/29/2014 Intersection - full closure 8AM Via Lincoln Ave. & Santa Rosa St. Storm pipe replacement (PZ)
2 Douglas Ave. Main St. to Skinner Blvd. County 8/26/2014 8/26/2014 Full closure 7AM-8PM Via Monroe St. Paving of Douglas Ave. (DJ - Pin County)
3 Drew St. McMullen Booth Rd. to U.S. Hwy. 19 City 8/17/2014 9/1/2014 Lane shift 6PM-6AM (Nights only) Traffic under construction Milling and resurfacing (RL)
4 Elmwood St. Highland Ave. to Wood Dr. City 7/10/2014 Mid-November Full closure - LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY Traffic under construction Storm sewer project (BH &TaraK)
5 Oak Ave. South of Court St. County 8/27/2014 9/15/2014 Full closure Via Chestnut & Ft. Harrison Ave. County Chilled Water Line (HP)
6 Osceola Ave. Pierce St. to northern Oak Cove driveway County 8/28/2014 9/17/2014 Full closure Via Ft. Harrison Ave. County Chilled Water Line (HP)
7 Osceola Ave. Court St. to northern Oak Cove driveway County 9/18/2014 10/21/2014 Full closure Via Ft. Harrison Ave. County Chilled Water Line (HP)
8 U.S. 19 Countryside Blvd. to Live Oak St. (Tarpon) FDOT 9/5/2013 Fall 2014 Intermittent lane closures     Traffic under construction Resurfacing project (DJ Pin Cty)
9 U.S. 19 Harn Blvd. - Whitney Rd. State 11/1/2009? Spring 2015 Construction; 3 lanes nb/sb Traffic under construction US19 Const. (HP)