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BeachWalk Design Charette April 2003

BeachWalk Design Charette

Compilation of Public Input


On Tuesday evening, April 29th, a public presentation and feedback session was held at the Clearwater Recreation Center to present to the public the design development vision for the BeachWalk project along South Gulfview Boulevard.† The public was encouraged to express their opinions on comment forms and submit them.† All of the comments will be carefully considered as a part of the consensus building process that will create the physical image of the Clearwater BeachWalk.† The design team has recorded all of the public input and has provided the following compiled listing of comments:†††



  • There was not a consensus on the parking structure adjacent to the Adamís Mark: some citizens encouraged the consideration of a built structure, while property owners adjacent to this area were opposed to the structure as it would block their views to the beach and the Gulf.† Other citizens wanted a shorter structure of two stories while others preferred to stay with the existing flat lot.
  • There was a consensus that accessing the parking area next to the Adamís Mark needed to be addressed with a longer turn lane.
  • Address the location, size, and number of spaces available for RVís.† There is concern that parking of RVís on Gulfview will block the views to the beach.
  • Address the location of drop-offs and parking spaces for tour busses.† A suggestion was made to provide a parking/staging area for busses on the south side of the causeway.
  • Alternative parking, such as surface lots or parking structures, should be complete prior to the construction improvements for BeachWalk.
  • There is a concern that cars waiting for parking spaces along Gulfview will cause traffic to back up.† One suggestion proposes having parallel parking along the east side of Gulfview and making the road one way.
  • One suggestion was to permit parallel parking on both sides of Gulfview and one side of Coronado, with each of these roads to be one-way.
  • It was suggested that Frenchyís South Beach Cafť should have access to some parking.



  • There was not a consensus on the direction of traffic flow on Gulfview: evenly split on making the flow one way or two way.
  • Additionally, there was not consensus about having parallel parking on one or both sides of Gulfview.
  • Create cross access easements instead of service drives for adjacent property owners.
  • There is concern that while the proposed design looks good, that the traffic issues have not been fully addressed and could cause problems at times of peak flow.
  • Address the issue of the stacking lanes at the north and south of Gulfview Ėimprove access is provided at the parking garage at south end to avoid a bottleneck.
  • Add a right lane at south garage to facilitate traffic flow into the garage.
  • Restrict the use of Gulfview for passenger vehicles and trolley use only and prohibit large trucks, buses, and RVís.
  • The parking lot next to Adamís Mark needs to have an access lane of at least 1 block to enter parking.
  • Concern over how tour busses would access Coronado and the location of drop-off and staging areas for busses.† One suggestion is to locate a staging area on the south side of the causeway, allowing a turnout at island Way/causeway traffic light to return to the beach for passenger pickup.



  • Consensus that the views to the beach from Gulfview should not be blocked.
  • Concerned about height of parking garage next to Adamís Mark and its impact on views from property across the street
  • Interaction between the Frenchyís South Beach Cafť and the Promenade.
  • Design the shell plaza so that it is safe for pedestrians, has adequate lighting and sidewalks.
  • Provide infrastructure, especially electrical, to support beach activities such as volleyball tournaments and festivals.
  • Limit the height of landscape material so that is no higher than 3í and does not block views of the beach.


Pedestrian Movement

  • Crossings should be well-lit.
  • Vegetation should not obscure pedestrians from view at crosswalks.


Retail and Economic Development

  • Attract better shops and restaurants than South Beach (Miami).
  • Inquiry on how beach events, such as the Sunset Beach Festival and Volleyball tournaments) would be staged in the Pier 60 Parking Lot.


Place Making

  • Consensus among some respondents that they like look and feel of the proposed design.
  • Consider using dolphins spraying water instead of pelicans.
  • One citizen felt that the proposed Seashell resort is the backbone of development and that Frenchyís South Beach cafť should be involved in the promenade design.
  • Ban cars from the beach.
  • Strengthen the gateway statement.
  • Utilize another icon element other than the nautilus.† Consider a local element such as pelicans, sailboats, turtles, etc.
  • Concern over how beach events, such as the Sunset Beach Festival and volleyball tournaments, would utilize the space of the Pier 60 parking lot.†
  • There is a concern that many of the small beachfront hotels will be removed from use and replaced with expensive condos.† Additionally, nice hotels would be necessary to make Clearwater a destination resort.



  • Allow for a sign that informs if the south parking lot is full and the north lot has spaces available.
  • Allow provisions for existing, non-conforming signs (grandfather signs)