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Reclaimed Water

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Reclaiming the Future of Our Water

Clearwater is reclaiming our future by providing reclaimed water to residents throughout city boundaries. Current reclaimed water projects already under construction include those in the Morningside, Skycrest, Lake Chautauqua, and Coachman Ridge areas. Glen Oaks/Palmetto and the Clearwater Harbor neighborhoods are now being connected to the reclaimed water system as these projects have been completed. The future expansion of the reclaimed water system will be done by the Citizen Initiated Petition.

Read more about reclaimed water.

Making the Connections: Reclaimed and Drinking Water Supplies

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Clearwater is a vibrant coastal community. Our plan to provide reclaimed water here and elsewhere is part of our program to ensure that we have the water we need today and in the future and that all of our residents have high quality water at an affordable price. As the demand for fresh, clean water increases we are going to face significant management problems. How do we protect the environment that provides our drinking water while still getting the water we need? And, how will we manage the cost of water? The use of reclaimed water (RCW) helps us preserve high quality drinking water, by providing a reliable and economical alternative source of irrigation water. It is in coastal areas like ours that ground water supplies are most limited.

The use of reclaimed water for irrigation helps us manage our drinking water supplies and costs because we postpone the day when we'll have to acquire new drinking water supplies. Drinking water is a precious, limited resource, while reclaimed water is readily available.

We're planning for a great quality of life. Reclaimed water is part of that plan. The City of Clearwater has planned, budgeted and acquired grants to ensure that reclaimed water would be available to this community. Contracts for the grant money require that at least 50 percent of the homes in the community take the reclaimed water.

Resident Benefits of Reclaimed Water

  • Use of RCW for non-potable (non drinking) purposes is less expensive than using potable water.
  • Drought resistant source of irrigation water.
  • RCW is likely better quality and does not leave stains or have odors.
  • Irrigation with RCW is allowed 7 days per week.
  • Opportunity for neighborhoods to receive grant funding from the SWFWMD.
  • RCW will help to limit future utility rate increases.
  • RCW can positively affect property values.
  • Learn more about the benefits of reclaimed water by clicking here.

Community Benefits of Reclaimed Water

  • RCW minimizes negative effects to underground water sources, preserving quality of life for people, plants and animals.
  • RCW could save millions of gallons of drinking water each day and help us manage costs.
  • Protects the bay by reusing water that would otherwise be discharged in the bay.
  • Water supply development in the region could be reduced.
  • Use of RCW for irrigation purposes helps Clearwater work cooperatively with the Water Management District.
  • With proper management, and wise use of all our available water resources, we can ensure water for ourselves, and our children, for generations to come.

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For current rate information, call Clearwater Clearwater Customer Service at 727-562-4600.