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Cross Connection Control Program

Water Pipes

The City of Clearwater has developed a Cross Connection Control program as mandated by Federal Law. The purpose of this program is to protect the public water system, as well as your private water system, from possible contamination and help provide for the delivery of the best possible water quality.

Cross Control Requirements, and City Ordinance, mandate that the City of Clearwater develop a program of inspecting all user's premises where there is a reasonable cause to believe that an existing or potential cross connection is located, require approved assemblies be installed where cross connections are found and insure that all backflow assemblies be tested by a State of Florida Certified tester upon installation and on an annual basis thereafter.

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Backflow assemblies separate potable water from non-potable water sources such as irrigation systems, hot tubs/spas, medical equipment, private pump systems to name a few of the most common.

Backflow assemblies are not required in every operation. However, certain operations require an assembly. To determine if a device is required at your operation, it is necessary for the City to inspect your premises. Please call 562-4960 to make an appointment for an inspection if you believe a cross connection is present in your service.