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Mission Statement

The City of Clearwater Water Division shall insure that the Clearwater water supply meets or exceeds Federal Safe Drinking Water Standards and other regulations and orders; shall provide a sufficient volume of water to meet the daily needs and desires of the Clearwater community; and shall maintain a dependable and uninterrupted water treatment and delivery service to Clearwater users.

Responsibilities of the Water Division

The Water Distribution Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water distribution mains, fire hydrants, and service lines; and for installing or disconnecting all water meters. The Distribution Division installs and maintains water services from the water main to the curb-stop -- a shut-off valve located near the curb. Currently, there are 3,830 fire hydrants in service, 9,461 valves, 590 miles of water main in service, and 130 miles of reclaimed water main.

The Meter Shop Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water meters, and backflow devices, as well as providing the on/off water services to the customers of the City of Clearwater. Currently there are approximately 43,356 water meters and 13,120 backflow devices in service in the City of Clearwater.

Additionally there are two elevated tanks within the City of Clearwater; each has a 1 million-gallon capacity.

Last year, the City of Clearwater supplied 4,200,682,000 (4 Billion, 200 Million, 682 thousand) gallons of water to our customers. This is approximately 74 gallons of water per person per day.

City Water Supply/Quality

Clearwater's drinking water comes from a groundwater source called the Floridan Aquifer. This aquifer is one of the major sources of ground water in the United States. It underlies all of Florida, southern Georgia, and some parts of Alabama and South Carolina. Our customers use about 11 million gallons of potable water daily. From our own 31 wells we pump about 5.9 million gallons daily with the remaining amount being purchased from the Pinellas County Water System ( Each day, Clearwater Water Division produces a safe, dependable drinking water supply . We are proud of our history of quality service. To maintain our commitment to you, we routinely collect and test water samples -- from the source waters to the City of Clearwater -- checking purity long before it reaches our customers. We stay abreast of advancements in technology, health science and government regulations in order to provide a constant and safe supply of water. Through foresight and planning, efficiency in operations, and focus on excellence In customer service, we can assure you the best quality drinking water at an economical price well into the 21st century.

Utility Customer Service

Payment for water bills can be made at Utility Customer Service located at 100 S. Myrtle Avenue inside the Municipal Services Building, between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. After hours payments can also be made in the drop box outside the customer window. All payments received after 5:00 P.M. will be processed on the next business day. The number to call concerning billing questions is (727) 562-4600.