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Idlewild/The Mall Sanitary Septic-to-Sewer Project

The City of Clearwater is bringing sanitary sewer service to the Idlewild/The Mall neighborhood. The project will allow 452 homes to connect to the city’s sanitary sewer system and abandon existing septic systems in the area, in accordance with Pinellas County Health Department’s health standards. This project is happening because in past years, several septic tank systems in the neighborhood have fallen into a state of disrepair. As a result, septic system overflows have created a pathway for human exposure to raw sewage, and it is creating an environmental hazard. Construction will begin in Spring 2013 and continue to 2015.

Project Boundaries

  • Sunset Point Road to the south
  • Douglas Avenue to the west
  • Union Street to the north
  • Kings Highway to the east


The Costs

The cost to connect to the sewer system can be expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. However, the city is able to offer sewer service to you for much less. The earlier a property owner commits to connecting, the less the costs will be. You have three options:

Option #1 - Connect During Construction.
Connect during construction, and the property owner pays the impact fee only, which is $900 per dwelling unit; the city will pay the fees for connection and septic tank abandonment.

Option #2 - Connect Within One Year After Construction is Complete.
If connecting within a year after construction is complete, the property owner will pay the $900 impact fee per dwelling unit, plus the property owner will be responsible for the coordination and cost of connection and septic tank abandonment fees, less a $450 credit.

Option #3 - Connect One Year After Construction is Complete, or Later.
After one year from construction completion and the owner has not connected, a “Notice to Connect” will be sent. The property owner then is responsible for the coordination and cost of all aspects of connection. This includes the impact fee of $900 per dwelling unit, connection fee (which varies from property to property but is approximately $1,800), and septic tank abandonment fee (which can cost as much as $1,000).

For properties that opt not to connect to the city's sewer system at all, there will be a monthly availability charge once construction is complete. As of Oct. 1, 2013, the minimum monthly charge will be $24.51 for single family Clearwater residences served by a water meter less than one-inch. Other rates are available online.

Connect Now

It is time to advise the city that you will connect to the city's sewer system during the construction period. Submit a Form of Commitment (Word format or PDF format) and return it to the city to indicate that you plan to connect to the city's sewer system. The earlier a property owner commits to connecting, the less the costs will be.

If you’re ready to connect and are ready to pay, please mail your impact fee payment, with check payable to the "City of Clearwater," to the following address along with your Form of Commitment, filled out in its entirety:

City of Clearwater
Engineering Department
Attn: Don Melone and/or Roberta Gluski
PO Box 4748
Clearwater, FL 33758

If you’d like to pay in person at the Municipal Services Building (100 S. Myrtle Ave., Clearwater, Fla. in the Engineering Dept., 2nd Floor, room #220), please call Don Melone at (727) 562- 4798 or Roberta Gluski at (727) 562- 4753 to make an appointment. Payment by credit/debit cards (except Discover) can be accepted if paid in full through the Building Permit online system once you coordinate with the above-listed staff to get a case number.

The Benefits to You

Residents who connect will benefit by gaining the city’s sewer service. Adding sanitary sewer to a home adds resale value to the property. Having service available also takes the burden of maintaining a failing septic system off the occupant and/or owner, leaving our system to properly dispose of waste. With a sanitary sewer system, the owner and/or occupant no longer will have to worry about having the septic tank pumped or drainfield failure.

Financial Hardship Assistance

Financial hardship assistance is available to those who qualify. Property owners will be allowed to pay in advance in payments without qualifying for financial hardship. If you fall at or below these income limits, you may be eligible for assistance:



1 Person


2 Persons


3 Persons


4 Persons


5 Persons


6 Persons


7 Persons


8 Persons


Stormwater Utility Work

Included in this project is stormwater utility work, which will improve drainage systems along Bermuda Street, Oakdale Way, Idlewild Drive, and Woodlawn Terrace between Oakdale Way and Douglas Avenue; and, to expand the conveyance system between Woodlawn Terrace pond and Spring Branch.

Public Meetings

Construction is right around the corner. An Open House event is planned for June 11 from 4 to 6 p.m., Clearwater Shuffleboard Club & Lawn Bowls Complex (1020 Calumet St.) to answer questions and provide additional project details before construction starts. Members of the city's Public Utilities, Engineering, and Planning & Development departments will be on-hand to talk about project plans, costs, construction schedules, environmental impacts, annexation into city limits, and benefits.

A public meeting was held Aug. 7, 2012 at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club & Lawn Bowls Complex to present the project to affected residents. Members of the city’s Public Utilities, Engineering, and Planning departments and as well as the Design Engineers talked with residents about project plans, costs, construction schedules, environmental impacts, annexation into city limits, and benefits. Additional public meetings may be held as the project gets underway.

More Information

Please feel free to call our office at (727) 562-4960 if you have questions.

  • Sewer Service & Connection:
    Glenn Daniel, Water, Reclaimed & Wastewater Collection Manager
    (727) 562-4960 ext. 7249

  • Annexation:
    Lauren Matzke, Planning Manager
    (727) 562-4547

  • Financial Hardship Assistance:
    Laura Davis, Utilities Senior Staff Assistant
    (727) 562-4960 ext. 7228