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Groundwater Replenishment

Image of groundwaterNEW! Learn more about the Clearwater Groundwater Replenishment project. Check out these new 3-minute and 5-minute videos about this innovative project.

The City of Clearwater is working to ensure the future of our water. Clearwater Utility professionals treat and deliver an average of 11.5 million gallons of drinking water and nearly seven million gallons of reclaimed water to customers each day. Preserving our valuable water resources is an important part of this industry, and one we take seriously.

The City of Clearwater currently is looking at the feasibility of groundwater replenishment technology. A study is underway that could help the City of Clearwater ensure the availability of more drinking water in the future. Beneath the city, the fresh water from the Upper Floridan aquifer used for drinking water sits on top of a layer of brackish, or somewhat salty, water. The fresh water resource can be protected by balancing the recharge of the aquifer level and water withdrawals, protecting the fresh water from becoming salty.

This study will measure the potential to improve groundwater levels within the city so more drinking water will be available. The study will determine how much the groundwater level can be improved by directly adding up to three million gallons a day of purified water into a brackish water zone below the freshwater zone of the Upper Floridan aquifer. A 2011 feasibility study concluded this groundwater replenishment project to be safe and economical.

The ongoing pilot and demonstration phase of the study is two-fold: 1) underground hydrologic testing and analysis, and 2) a one-year operation of a small-scale purification plant to evaluate the process and water treatment options. The study is cooperatively funded by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The project team includes Tetra Tech (Engineering Consultant), Leggette, Brashears & Graham Inc. (Hydrogeology Consultant), the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and the City of Clearwater. Informational presentations are available for neighborhood and civic associations by calling (727) 562-4960.

Our Mission

The mission of Clearwater Public Utilities is to provide high quality water, wastewater treatment and reclaimed water services while protecting the public health and natural environment of our community through cost-effective management, operating, and maintenance of our infrastructure sustaining these essential services.