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Buddy logoKids' Corner

Hey, Kids!

Did you know that the carpet you are walking on is most likely made out of soda bottles or that your bike is probably made up of a bunch of old steel cans? Sounds crazy, but it’s all true thanks to the magic of recycling! Check out these fun sites on the Internet that will show you how it’s all done. There are also games and activities, cool crafts and contests, and amazing facts about recycling and the earth!

Remarkable Recycling Facts

Do you know how much paper and plastic are recycled every year? And how many trees are saved from being cut down because of recycling?

Planet Pals

Meet the Planet Pals and follow along with their adventures as they learn about recycling and the environment. Cool crafts, fun games, and awesome activities! Check out the Pig Latin translator or the “Countdown to Earth Day” clock! There’s also a print-and-play card game!

Recycle Bin imageEnvironmental Explorers' Club

Oh, no! The residents of Dumpstown have trashed their city and need your help! Help them turn their town around and learn more about the recycling process. This site is run by the Environmental Protection Agency and also has a Game Room, Science Room and Art Room.


Image of a plantVisit the children's "EEK!" website to find out how you can help the environment by reducing waste. Learn how to make your own worm composting system, your own recycled paper, test your brain power with recycling quizzes and games and more!

Recycled Mall

Like to shop? Check out the Recycled Mall, which contains only recycled products! This site also has great links to other fun recycling sites on the web.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Check it out! The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Waste Management site is a handy research site for both students and adults.

Image of green earthImagination Factory

There is no machinery at The Imagination Factory, and smokestacks don't pollute the air. Instead, we teach children and their caregivers creative ways to recycle by making art.

Click on the Trash Matcher link to find a great chart to match recyclable supplies with appropriate art projects to celebrate America Recycles Day (November 15 each year), or neat project ideas for every day!

Ollie Recycles

Join Ollie and his friends as they reduce, reuse and recycle. See what other countries are doing to recycle, including Australia and the UK. Play games and email children in other countries.

A Reminder: Websites change frequently. If any of these have disappeared since they were posted, do your own search for keywords such as:

  • Solid Waste
  • Reycling
  • Source Reduction
  • Landfills
  • Incinerator
  • Waste to Energy